How to Create Your Own Product 1 – Research and OutlineHow to Create Your Own Product 1 – Research and Outline

Change can be a scary thing, especially when your organization has done things one way for so many years when it comes to customer service and sales. Many marketing and customer service managers are from the “old school” ways of customer interaction where you push calls to self-service IVR’s and then on to a contact center.

While there is still a place for this model the fact is it is your customers who are changing. Many customers in their 20’s and 30s have grown up with the internet. They have seen the change from the “let’s get online” stage to the full scale social CRM stage. They are used to using tablets and smartphones to connect with serf-service apps and using click to call technology. When a customer receives a substandard product or service they do not call and complain anymore, they POST! They post to blogs, on twitter and on their Facebook accounts. No longer can an organization sit back and wait to fix problems from an inbound phone call.

All organizations must be proactive in finding their own issues socially and shaping that message into a positive one before the complaint of the customer goes viral. It is very difficult to put all the negativity back in the hat once it is out. All marketing managers and customer service executives must push for their organization not just have a Facebook and Twitter account but to have a full social CRM initiative that interacts with customers proactively.

Number one problem with many companies social CRM platform:

They use the tools they know about (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram… ) to SHOUT to their customers. They shout specials, deals and company news. They do not interact with customers on a level that allows them to gain trust. Now don’t get me wrong, using social media to get information out is not all bad, it’s just one small step that a company needs to take. They cannot stop there.

Social media when done right cannot be one person talking and the other one listening. It needs to be a conversation. When you can get your customers to interact with you on this type of experience you have a customer for life!

Companies need to start to use technology, or outsource the job to marketing agencies, to search the social CRM world for posts that use key word for sales and/or service opportunities. In real time you can now search thousands of forums, blogs, Facebook accounts and internet searches. You can also respond to these customer and prospective customers in real time. With new open source technology like WebRTC, you no longer have to just use text or an email to talk to these instagram accounts for sale . You can have a one on one face to face conversation without and downloading using this Google enhanced technology. WebRTC will be one of the new technologies that will be embraced by everyone in the next five year. Understand it now!

This is a tool that if you are not using, I guarantee one of your competitors are.

The number two problem with many companies social CRM platform:

The underuse and misuse of the company blog. A well thought out blog with original and meaningful information is a very persuasive tool. Use your interactions with your customers or prospective customer to shape the content of your blog. Give then topics that will actually be interested. I have seen so many blogs that are just reposts from other sites. Take some time and have this done right. If your company does not have the time then there are many social marketing companies that can handle this for you. Not only will it get more eyes onto your website but when done correctly will have many people pass this information along; you are shaping your social message. What we recommend also is to use an affiliate article writing website as well like EzineArticles to help push your blog. These articles will get many views as they are pickup up on Google which will allow many click backs to your blog and your site.