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Wave105 Baby & Toddler of the Year 2016

The Biggest Baby & Toddler Competition in the South is Back, and raising Money for Cash For Kids too.

The competition winners!

We're pleased to announce that Isla Roberts is Baby and Toddler of the Year 2016!

Here are all four category winners.

Isla Roberts

The finalists have been revealed!

0-9 Months 10-18 Months 19-36 Months 37+ Months

Here are the semi-finalists:

0-9 Months 10-18 Months 19-36 Months 37+ Months

Here are all of the entries:

0-9 Months 10-18 Months 19-36 Months 37+ Months

Rob Paul Studios is excited to announce the return of our Baby and Toddler of the Year for 2016. We have some great prizes and offers this year.

Wave 105.2 FMWe are once again in partnership with Wave105, and supporting Cash For Kids,  and are  looking for Bonny Babies, Terrific Tots, and Cheeky Children in their search for Model Children. This is the South's biggest Baby & Toddler of the year Competition and has even MORE prizes. Sponsored by The Cascades Shopping Centre, The Dolphin Centre, The Swan Centre, Asda Walmart, BEA Solutions, The Canvas Print Company. There is a massive First Prize this year worth over £1,500

1. Rob Paul Studios take stunning, fun, photos of your child in one of our pop up studios.

2. For just £10* you get a beautiful print with £5 going to Cash For Kids; that's you and your kids helping less fortunate kids.

3. As a thank you your child could win a share of over £5000  worth of amazing prizes, the Winner receiving a prize package worth £1,500,including £500, a framed 20" x 16" print and a fantastic Rob Paul Studios Fairy and Elf Experience including a USB with 10  Digital images,a huge 30"x24" canvas wrap to treasure forever and 10 Hand Finished 10"x8" prints to share.   As well as this they will also become the face of Rob Paul Studios. Our winners and runners up will also receive canvas print prize vouchers courtesy of The Canvas Printing Company

* only 1 special offer small photo per child.

Can Your Child be Crowned Wave105 Baby & Toddler of the Year 2016?

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Baby and Toddler of the Year Winners

Rhys  Hansford

Lola Sackman

Jayden Mcnally

Erin Spreadborough

Rhys Hansford Lola Winner 2014 Jayden Winner 2013 Erin Winner 2012
Winner 2015 Winner 2014 Winner 2013 Winner 2012

Wave 105 Video

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Wave 105  Baby & Toddler of the Year. 40 prizes* to be won!

1st Prize - Baby & Toddler of the Year 2016           

2nd to 4th Prize - Age Category Winners.**       

  • Prize Pot Worth £1,500
  • £500 in cash
  • 20" x 16" Framed Print of your entry Image
  • £150  Canvas Printing Company Gift Certificate 
  • Will Be Face Of Rob Paul Studios 2016/17
  • Will appear on Cash for Kids Website
  • Fairy and Elf Experience Photo Shoot
  • Includes 10 Digital Images on USB
  • Fantastic 30" x 24" Canvas Wrap
  • 10 Hand Finished 10"x8" prints
  • Prize Pot Worth £700
  • £100 in cash
  • £100  Canvas Printing Company Gift Certificate
  • 16" x 12" Framed Print of your entry Image
  • Will feature on Rob Paul studios Website
  • Fairy and Elf Experience Photo Shoot
  • 30" x 24" Canvas Wrap

5th to 8th Prize - Age Category Runners Up

9th to 40th Prize - 31 finalist.

  • Prize Pot Worth £200
  • 12" x 10" Framed Print of your Entry
  • Fairy and Elf Experience Photo Shoot
  • 16" x 12" hand finished mounted print.
  • Prize Pot Worth £100
  • 12" x 10" Board Mounted Print Voucher
  • Fairy and Elf Experience Photo Shoot
  • 10"x8" and 6"x8" Hand Finished Prints and Social Media Digital file (all same Image)

Each of our 40 finalists will receive a hand finished certificate.

* Please note Rob Paul Studios reserves the right to change prizes with an item of similar value. The prize list live on this site on 31st August 2016 will be deemed final.

** The overall winner of Rob Paul Studios Baby & Toddler of the Year 2016 does NOT receive an Age Category prize in addition to the overall winner prize.

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What Are the Age Categories?
There are four age categories to enter:
0 - 9 months 
10 - 18 months
19 - 36 months
37 months to 5 years

For each category the age of the child on the day of the photo shoot is applicable. For the older age group 5 years old means under 6.

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Will Your Baby Model for Rob Paul Studios

The overall Winner of Baby & Toddler of the Year 2016 will become the face of Rob Paul Studios and will feature in all appropraite advertising media. They will also be featured on Wave 105 Cash for Kids Website too

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Where and When Can I enter?

This years competition is bigger than ever with lots of fantastic locations across the south. For 2016 we are at West Quays, Southampton for an extra day we are also very pleased to be back at Asda Havant once again.

Photographs are taken between 10am and 4pm* at all Venues.

Date Venue  

28th June – 2nd July

The Dolphin Centre, Poole The Dolphin Centre

5 To 9th July

Swan Centre, Eastleigh Swan Centre

15th,16th and 17th July

WestQuay Shopping Centre, Southampton West Quay
19th to 23rd July Asda, Havant ASDA

26th – 30th July

ThCascades Shopping Centre, Portsmouth.  Cascades
Entry times at all venues are 10am till 4pm.  
*At some venues finishing times may be later  

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How much does it cost to enter?

Thereis no obligation to buy any additional prints or packages but to enter Wave 105 Baby & Toddler of the Year 2016 requires a minimum purchase of £10, this gets you a Small Print*, £5 goes to Cash for Kids, thats you and your Kids Helping less fortunate Kids. There is no additional charge to enter the competition itself.

There are some Fantastic print and disc options available Should you want to buy additional prints.

Please note that once an entry image has been chosen there is a £10 charge to change this choice.

* only one small print at special offer price per child

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Can I buy the pictures? 

Lots of great print packs to choose from at special offer prices. There is no obligation to buy any additional prints or packages but to enter Wave 105 Baby & Toddler of the Year 2016 requires a minimum purchase of £10, this gets you a Small Print*,  £5 goes to Cash for Kids, thats you and your Kids Helping less fortunate Kids. Our most popular item is the disc, and this year our big print just got bigger now a wopping 12" x 8"giving you more for your money.  We also have a great family discount offer this year, every digital purchase will also get a fantastic 50% off voucher included on the disc to use with the Canvas Printing Company and, NEW for 2016 all Digital packs include a 20 block vote code.

Rob Paul Studios Special Offer Print Packs

Full Pack. Get the most with this pack.
4 10” x 8” prints. 4  6” x 8” prints. Hi Res CD disc
of all photos taken, complete with license to print.   £115

Full Print Pack. Great prints to share Choose any of your images 
4 12” x 8” prints. 4 6" x8"  £80

Digital OnlyPrint your own, post to facebook or email.
Low res images ar guaranteed to print up to 10"x 8", Hi res Images will print to any size.
Hi Res CD of all Photos with license to print  £95 
Low res CD disc of all photos taken, with license to print. £70 
Single Low Res Digital Image on Disc, with licence to print. £35

Just Prints Take your pick.  
Single Prints.   Packs  
12"x 8" Print  £25 Four 12" x 8"  £60
6" x 8" Print  £20 Four 6” x 8” prints.  £50
Mounts (each) £1     

All orders available to take home same day. Cash, debit or credit cards accepted
One mount is provided free of charge with each order. Special offer prices are only
applicable during the week Baby & Toddler 2016 are at any venue.

Special Family Discount.
We recognise that having more than one child can be costly, so where there is more than one child all additional for disc and print packs are half price. This is only available for sibblings and where the full price has been paid for initial pack or disc. Half price offer applies to full prices, not where there are any discounted prices or vouchers.

* only one small print at special offer price per child

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How is the winner chosen?

There are three voting rounds to Wave 105 Baby & Toddler of the year competition 2016. The first two are public votes. This will be via our normal online voting web page which is 100% free, through Text Voting which will cost £1 per vote plus normal mobile text charges.  New for 2016, we also have block of votes available to purchase, these are 10, 20, 30 and 50. Wave105 cash for kids will receive a donation from all Text and block votes.

The first round of voting will start at 09:00 on Wednesday 17th August 2016 and will end at midnight on Sunday 21st August 2016. The top 50% of  children in each category will go on to the second round of public voting starting at 09:00 on Wednesday 24th August 2016 to midnight on Sunday 28th August 2016.  In both cases after voting has closed further votes will not be counted and in the case of Text Votes may still be charged. For more details of how to vote click here

For the final round the top 10 children in each category will go forward to our Judging panel. This will be carried out by each of the sponsors and partners of the competition. This round of voting will determine a 1st place and runner up for each category. The overall winner of the competition will be selected from the winner of each category. The Final will be held on18th September at The Chilworth Manor Hotel and will be hosted by Wave 105.  EVERY Child at the final will win a prize.  All finalists will be notified in writing by 10th September 2016

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How do I vote? 

Normal voting Online is entirely freeOur online voting will enable you to see your child and cast your vote, not only that but you will be able to directly link your child's picture on to your facebook and get all of your friends to vote as well. The link you post will take your friends straight to your child's picture and enable them to quickly vote.

In addition to the free online voting you can also vote for your child via text voting. Text VOTE  followed by a space and then entry number you wish to vote for. The Number to text to is 82085.  For example   VOTE 1234  if there is no space after the word vote then your vote will not have been placed and you will not have been charged for the vote but may be charged for the text sent. Text voting will cost £1 plus your normal mobile text charges**.  Wave 105 Cash for Kids will receive a donation of the net proceeds of all Text Votes. See voting dates.

NEW For 2016 - Block Votes

This year you will also be able to buy blocks of votes which are great value, 10 votes for £5, 20 for £8, 30 for £12, 50 for £20 100 for £40. This great option will be available from the voting page.  You will be able to you use your block votes as you wish for any child. Wave105 Cash for Kids will receive a donation from both text and block votes.

Please Note only one vote per email per child is allowed.  All email votes will be verified on our server. if the email is incorrect it will not be counted. It is your responsibility to ensure your email address in input correctly. We recomend that prior to voting you add to your address book.  

To add your childs image to your facebook page - please note you must accept the BEA Solutions APP

Text voting:  you must have a space after the word VOTE and the entry number of the child you wish to vote for. Text to 82085  Text voting will cost £1  lus your normal mobile text charges.

* Any attempt to use false emails to deliberately get more votes will be deamed as cheating and will invalidate that childs entry.

Please note that the number of votes cast for each child will be independantly verified but individual vote counts will not be shared.

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Can I Pre-register?

Yes you can, our online entry form makes it quicker at the venue.  By pre registering your your details will be ready at the venue and there will not be any further forms to complete.  On top of that by pre registering you will receive a Bonus voucher entitling you to a  some great free offers.  Please note only ONE bonus voucher per Family..

Registration Bonus Options

Bonus Requirements
 Free 12" x 8" Print worth £25 Spend over £25
Hi Res disc in place of Low Res Disc Buy Low res disc
Buy one get one half price Any print pack
Register Early and get 50 Block votes worth £25 None

 Our simple to use online entry form allows you to enter up to 3 children on one form. 

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How will finalists be notified?

All finalists will be invited to a live final which will be on 18th September 2016 at The Chilworth Manor Hotel and will be Hosted by Wave 105. Our finalists will be posted online at 0900 on Wednesday 7th Septmeber 2016. We will contact all finalist by phone and email by11th September A letter will also be sent, great for the memory box! all finalists will be posted on our website pages and on Facebook.

With over 40 prizes on offer ALL FINALISTS will win a prize.  See our full list of  prizes.

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Wave105 Cash For Kids

Wave 105.2 FM Cash for KidsThis year Rob Paul Studios are proud to be supporting Wave105 cash for kids with 50% of the minimum purchase, £10  being donated to them. Cash For kids will also benefit with a donation from the text voting. By entering Baby & Toddler of the year 2016 you will also be helping to raise money for children in our area. Thats you and your Kids Helping less fortunate Kids

Wave 105 Cash for Kids is committed to supporting local children under the age of 18, who are financially, socially, emotionally or physically disadvantaged. Additionally, to encourage healthy lifestyle options by promoting physical, mental and general wellbeing of children and adolescents specifically within the Wave105 region. 

We firmly believe in this day and age no child should go without their basic needs being met, food, clothes, education, health needs, guidance and support for their future. Our ambitious goal is to use the influence of the South’s Biggest Radio Station’s listeners to contribute to improving children’s lives in our region and promote a positive lifestyle.  

We want to encourage children to participate in activities outside of school that can engage, spark their imaginations, and help increase their self confidence through art, music, or any sport they are passionate about.

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Who are the Partners and Sponsors?

Wave 105.2Wave 105, providing the best variety of hits in the south have teamed up with Rob Paul Studios to provide the biggest and Best Baby & Toddler Photo Competition in the south.

Launched in 1998, Wave 105 broadcasts to the Central South of England, including Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Winchester and Newport.

The number one commercial radio station for the area.

Since Wave 105’s launch it has developed an enviable reputation for a regional station, by embracing and reflecting the lifestyles of this affluent area.

Wave 105 provides listeners with not just "The South's Best Variety of Hits", but a comprehensive  news and Information service.

Distinct from other local stations is Wave 105’s commitment to intelligent speech. Reflecting its 30:70/Speech:Music split the station offers extended news bulletins as well as special in depth reports focusing on key local issues.


Cascades Shopping Centre, Portsmouth.

The Cascades Shopping CentreRob Paul Studios are very pleased to be working with Cascades Shopping Centre Portsmouth once again.  this year The Cascades is the only Portsmouth Venue.

Cascades Shopping Centre are pleased to provide a venue for the Wave 105 Baby & Toddler of the Year 2016 competition, during week commencing 28th April.  This year the competition is set to be bigger and better than before with exciting prizes for winners.  We welcome back Paul Burrows and his team and wish all entrants good luck.

Chilworth Manor Hotel.

Chilworth Manor Hotel

The Chilworth Manor Hotel will be the venue for our Live Final to be held on 5th July 2016. 

Ideally situated in the heart of Hampshire our Edwardian Manor House Hotel in Southampton offers charming accommodation and a state-of-the-art health club and spa which makes BEST WESTERN Chilworth Manor Hotel an ideal location when visiting Southampton, Romsey, Winchester and the New Forest.


BEA Solutions

Business Efficiency through Technology

BEA Solutions

We offer complete business technology solution, so you don't have to deal with multiple companies, and we remove the stress by taking the problem out of your hands and offering smart solutions, beginning to end.  Our services include website and software development, database management, telecoms and broadband, and PC sales and support.

We're a small business, with a team of specialists and a wealth of experience.  We specialise in companies with fewer than 20 staff, so we know that having reliable technology and using the latest advances is crucial to
small business survival.

Our office in Waterlooville gives you one point of contact for all of your technology needs.  With us there's never any waiting on hold and we're not a big faceless entity you can't see - so if you want to come and have a chat about the needs of your business then pop in and we'll put the kettle on! 

The Canvas Printing Company

The Canvas Printing CompanyThe Canvas Printing Company will be adding to our list of prizes with some fantactic vouchers for all of our winners, see our prizes for more details.  As well as this anyone that purchases a disc of all images will also receive a massive 50% off Canvas Printing Company voucher to get their images turned into brilliant Canvas prints for your wall.
Established for over 8 years and based in Fareham, Portsmouth and Poole, this company offers a unique one hour printing service in canvas printing. Staff are able to recommend customers on the correct crop as well as providing design work to there images at no additional charge.
The use of quality hard back frames and original canon inks give there canvases a professional look and feel. 
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PO Publications

Post Code Publications


PO publications produce Community focused Newspapers covering the PO Poscode Region.


The Swan Centre. are delighted to be visiting The Swan Centre again this year 
Located in the heart of Eastleigh, the Swan Shopping Centre is a convenient shopping location boasting a great variety of retailers and everything you need for a fantastic shopping experience.

The Centre is home to more than 40 retailers including Tesco, Boots, Argos, WHSmith, TK Maxx, Monsoon, New Look and Next plus a great range of restaurant and leisure venues including Frankie & Benny's, Nando's, Prezzo, Chimichanga, Harvester, Gambado, The Real China, AMF Bowling Anytime Fitness and VUE Cinema.

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The Dolphin Shopping Centre.

Welcome to the Dolphin Centre, located in the heart of the bustling town of Poole. Home to a fantastic selection of leading high street brands, as well as independent and specialist retailers, shoppers have access to over 120 stores which offer the very best in fashion, lifestyle, gifts and homewares.

In addition to this, a range of food and drink options are available in the Dolphin Centre which boasts 1,400 car parking spaces. The shopping centre is located just a stones throw away from the town’s railway line and benefits from good transport links which allows shoppers near and far to enjoy this popular retail destination.

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West Quay Southampton

West Quay

WestQuay is a shopping centre in Southampton, United Kingdom, and has an area of 800,000 square feet (70,000 m2) of retail space and contains around a 150 shops, including major retailers such as, John LewisMarks and SpencerZaraSchuhWaterstone'sHollister Co., Bank, Apple, and many more top brand names.

It is situated in the centre of the city, close to the docks, with entrances on the main High Street (Above Bar Street), on Portland Terrace, through Waterstone's and through John Lewis. There is also a built in multi storey car park with an entrance into the centre along with a 3 tier car park beneath. Building work began in 1997 as the former Daily Echo building and Pirelli Cable Works were demolished to make way for the centre. The centre was opened on 28 September 2000.

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Rob Paul Studios Baby & Toddler 2015 Rhys Hansford 

Winner 2015

Rhys Hansford  was crowned Wave 105 Baby & Toddler of the year 2015 at the final held at the Chilworth Manor Hotel

Cute Rhys is Wave 105’s baby of the year Beautiful Rhys Hansford , from Poole has proved to be the bonniest baby in the south by winning Wave 105 Cash For Kids Baby and Toddler of the year competition. Around 60,000 votes were cast in the biggest baby and toddler competition in the south, which was held over four weeks in shopping centres across the Wave 105 region raising than £2,500 for the station’s charity Cash for Kids. 11 month-old Rhys, was picked to win from more than 400 entrants.

Photographer Paul Burrows, from Rob Paul Studios, which ran the competition, said: “Rhys was a natural and loved posing in front of the camera from the moment  he got there and we got some amazing photos of him. The number of children who entered was phenomenal. We had lots of votes from Wave 105 listeners online and via text, plus they could share them on their Facebook page so it really generated lots of interest.  The compettion is the fun element, it is great to be able to provide fantastic photos and raise money for a great charity”

Rhys's mum, Charlie, entered her son at Poole’s Dolphin Centre. “My Mom entered Rhys, she thought she would give the competition a go. Whenever a camera’s in his face he immediately smiles, so he had lots of fun.” She was really shocked when Rhys won.“I was really overwhelmed, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Of course, Rhysdidn’t know what had happened, so he was just looking at everyone as if to say, why are you clapping at me?”


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2015 Finalists

0 to 9 Final10 to 18 Final19 to 36 Final37 t0 5 years Final


2014 Finalists

0 to 9 Final10 to 18 Final19 to 36 Final37 t0 5 years Final


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Albert Is A Model Baby, Can Yours Be?

One of the babies from a previous Baby competition, Albert Bulbeck, photographed by Rob Paul Studios, won a model contract after his proud Mum, Susan, posted the picture taken By Rob Paul Studios.


Get great pictures of your baby & toddler, see them within minutes pick your favourite to enter and select the pictures you want for yourself. All on the same day.

Please Note: this Competition Is NOT part of The News Portsmouth or the Daily Echo Baby Competition.

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There is over £5,000 worth of prizes to be won with Rob Paul Studios this year, first prize is worth a massive £1,500 and three category winner prizes worth £700. All 40 finalists will be winner. Full list of prizes

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